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Ceiling Fan Replacement Glass Shades

ceiling fan replacement glass shades

    ceiling fan

  • (Ceiling Fans) The earliest fans were belt driven ceiling fans. Later on electric motors were introduced into ceiling fans. Besides the designs similar to modern ceiling fans, there were also designs that used desk fan motors in unusual configurations such as Gyro fans.
  • A ceiling fan is a device suspended from the ceiling of a room, which employs hub-mounted rotating paddles to air.
  • A mechanical device used for air circulation and to provide cooling.


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ceiling fan replacement glass shades – Hunter 22460

Hunter 22460 The Astoria 52-Inch Five Blades Ceiling Fan, Brushed Nickel with Bowl
Hunter 22460 The Astoria 52-Inch Five Blades Ceiling Fan, Brushed Nickel with Bowl
The Hunter Fan 22460 is an Astoria Ceiling Fan with the Three Speed Pull Chain in the Brushed Nickel motor finish. This traditional style fan, has an integrated bowl Light and good air movement which makes the Astoria perfect for any medium to large sized room. This Ceiling Fan is from the Astoria Collection and is UL Indoor rated. The Astoria Includes 3″ (3/4″ Interior Diameter) Pole.

Featuring an elegant, five-blade design complete with integrated, bowl light fixture, the Hunter Astoria 52-Inch Ceiling Fan adds comfort and style to your home. This ultra-efficient indoor fan can help save on cooling bills by simply circulating the air in your home. And like all Hunter fans, it features a high performance, WhisperWind motor, built to exacting tolerances from the finest materials and rigorously tested to be truly whisper quiet.
Hunter Astoria Ceiling

Three-Position Mounting System:
Flush, Standard, and Angled.
Astoria Ceiling Fan
At a Glance:

5-blade, 3-speed fan with bowl light fixture
Designed for medium- and large-size rooms
ETL listed for indoor use
Includes two 60-watt bulbs and 3-inch downrod
Limited lifetime warranty

Electricity Use62w
Airflow Efficiency75cfm/w

Hunter Astoria Ceiling
Hunter Astoria Ceiling Fan

Hunter Astoria Ceiling

Click here for a detailed image.
Revitalize your Home and Everyone in it
The Hunter Astoria 52-Inch Ceiling Fan is a great choice for medium- to large-size rooms, including bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms and more. It helps keep your home warmer in cooler months and cooler in warmer months, and has a versatile, elegant design that suits any decor.
Easy Installation and Three-Position Mounting
Designed to install easily and perform beautifully for years, the Astoria comes in a rich Brushed Nickel finish with five Maple/Cherry reversible blades. For a customized look, Hunter’s exclusive Installer’s Choice three-position mounting system lets you hang the fan any way you choose–standard, flush or angled. You can also choose to install it without the light fixture.
Savings Without Sacrifice
We all want a cleaner, greener planet, and Hunter fans like the Astoria can help. By using this fan throughout the year, you can significantly decrease your personal energy use without sacrificing comfort.
Unlike air conditioners or portable heaters, most ceiling fans use approximately as much power as a 100-watt light bulb, and rely on the simple process of circulating air rather than chemicals, making them an ecofriendly cooling and heating option. When run clockwise in the winter and counterclockwise in the summer, they can save you money in utility bills all year-round. At the same time, they take up less standing floor space than most conventional floor fans or air conditioners, and add style to any room.
Warranty Information
The Hunter Astoria 52-inch Ceiling Fan comes is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
About Hunter: A History of Home Comfort
Long before there was air conditioning, or even widespread use of electricity, people around the world counted on Hunter ceiling fans for cool comfort. Today, Hunter combines its heritage of 19th-century craftsmanship with 21st-century innovation to create ceiling fans of unmatched quality, style, and performance. In fact, Hunter makes sure all of its home comfort products–ceiling fans, air purifiers, humidifiers, thermostats, portable fans, and bath exhaust fans–are as tough on the inside as they are beautiful on the outside.
What’s in the Box
Astoria 52-inch Brushed Nickel ceiling fan with five Maple/Cherry blades and light fixture, hardware, 3-inch downrod, two 60-watt bulbs, and owner’s manual.

Astoria Ceiling Fans
 52-Inch Brushed Nickel with five Cherry/Maple blades
52-Inch Brushed Nickel with
Cherry/Maple Blades22461 52-Inch White with five White/Light Oak blades
2246152-Inch White
with White/Light Oak Blades22459 52-Inch New Bronze with five Walnut/Medium Oak blades
2245952-Inch New Bronze
with Walnut/Medium Oak Blades

ceiling fan

ceiling fan
ceiling fan repair. i don’t know why i’m so partial to this photo. as they say, it’s not a party until something gets broken. the guys were wrestling and somehow tore the ceiling fan out of the ceiling. courtesy of d.b.

Ceiling Fan Onesie

Ceiling Fan Onesie
Ezra loves ceiling fans. He’s a fan fan. (Yes, I said it.)
By the way–a Google search reveals this to be the only ceiling fan onesie in cyberspace. You saw it here first, folks!
ceiling fan replacement glass shades